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Benefits of Polished Concrete

The flooring industry is one which boasts a whole range of flooring styles, methods, and products across a wide variety of materials suited to each particular environment that requires a new floor. Amongst this variety, polished concrete has recently become one of the most popular flooring solutions in recent years mainly because of its cost effectiveness, efficiency, and cleanliness. Polished concrete works exceptionally well both in the industrial and commercial environment by providing a durable and long lasting floor that can withstand the high traffic and constant wear of an industrial factory while at the same time maintaining a modern, sleek, and pleasing aesthetic in private residences that adds a unique shine to any home.

As opposed to other flooring solutions, polished concrete comes with a host of benefits that are unique to itself. Here are the main advantages everyone interested in adding some shine to their concrete should keep in mind.


Nowadays it became popular to have polished concrete floors in your house. When you first hear “concrete floors”, you probably think “oh, it’s cold and not comfortable”. But we’d like to say you a couple of advantages about concrete floors.


A polished concrete floors are more economical as woods or marbles. The rate of concrete floors is not so high, around $2 to $6 to polish a plain gray slab, providing with a luminous gloss.

Other garnished finales cost around $5 to $8 per square foot. Staining concrete flooring was popular for many decades, as the favorable results are settled by imaginations of homeowners.  It can be different kind of color palette, application styles that one can unite to design a unique, magnificent floor .

If one wants to add some specific effects, for example, scoring in grid pattern lines, costs will be  about $5 to $8 per square foot. It’s all up to you now, all imaginable decorative effects.


Polished concrete will be definitely one of the most money-saving, prudent alternatives floor nowadays. When you sit down, calculate the price of polished concrete floor and compare with prices of other flooring systems, the concluding price will surprise you.


Once a polished concrete floor is placed, you can be absolutely positive that it will serve you hundreds of years. Other sort of floors, for example, wooden, laminate, linoleum suffers by comparison with concrete floors. Having concrete floor either at home or at your work office, you can be sure that this floor will endure under peculiar  situations for years. This saves you enough cash, during the time when other type of floors needs ever and again to be reinstalled or repaired. Even the most enduring floors needed to be replaced to the new one  once in a while, and nobody knows when exactly it can be. With concrete floors you shouldn’t think about that, the polished concrete floors will exist as long as the building exists, whether it a couple of decades or hundreds of years.


If you are afraid that concrete floor becomes wet, then the best decision in such a case is to use silicone based penetrating sealers. The concrete floor is an excellent flooring system both for indoor and outdoor. Combine “hard” concrete floor with some wooden details, for example walls, and you will receive a magnificent new rustic design.

Concrete floor is very flexible, it can be used almost everywhere, from marketable, manufacturing to domestic locations. One more interesting thing you won’t believe, the great professionals, who have big knowledge  about flooring world ins and outs,  recommend that kind of floor.

Polished concrete floor is free from any kind of  breaks, cracks,  defects, insects and other alive creatures. In a few years or decades, if you decide to change something in the design of your building,  you can cover your concrete floor with any kind of wood or linoleum, parquet and it will look a little bit fresh, newly decorated. But remember that some underlayment needed to be installed between the concrete and other flooring material that you may select.


You may want to know about other good preference about concrete floor. Concrete floor is famous for its enduring and ability of quick preservation. When the concrete floor is being polished, it becomes stronger and heavier, so having concrete floor in different warehouses, garages, big offices where work a lot of people, is an excellent and well-considered idea.

Simple care

The only care that requires the polished concrete floor, is to swab it once a week with saponaceous water. Also we’d like to  give you a good recommendation, if you want your floor have looked  finished, please install  baseboards along with the concrete floor. It will help to prevent the swab falling behind the crevices where the floor meets the wall.

Now you can forget about enduring stripping and waxing. Once the polished concrete floor is done, you don’t need to stripe and wax your floor each time you have a special occasion or event. Save your time and spend it for yourself.

Defects Free

Polished concrete floor is totally good for those who have a lot of active kids. That kind of floor doesn’t leave crevices, stains or any kind of defects.  That’s why, it’s so good for wholesaling and manufacturing buildings, and nowadays from day to day they decide better to have concrete floors than other flooring systems.

Environmentally Friendly

In case, you think that polished concrete floor may be dangerous for your health, we’d like to assure you that such kind of floor doesn’t contain any perilous chemical ingredients or materials. It’s totally safe for you and for your kids. Polished concrete floor permits no mustiness, allergens or fungus that can be on surface.

But the most pleasant thing why polished concrete floor is so good for you, is that the surface of concrete floor accumulates the heat from rays of the sun or any light, and it can help you to save the energy and your bill will be not so high. Also polished concrete floor makes the air in your house clearer as it doesn’t gather so much dust as wooden floor.

If you already have concrete floor, so by polishing it, you exclude the energy and ingredients required to apply another floor type. Greatly polished concrete floor enlarges light reflectance, slashing costs of lightning.


Many people are sure that it’s not possible to have a beautiful architecture design of polished concrete floor. We assure you that this conclusion is fallacious. Nowadays there are so many alternatives of how you can decorate your concrete floor. The colors can be of every sort and kind, the texture effects can be so beautiful that no one thinks that it is the concrete floor. It’s up to your imagination.

In special cases, colors can be mixed right on the concrete before the slab installment. Now and then  ornamental texturing traceries can be engraved into the surface during polishing. When you have already concrete floor, it can be decorated with waterproof latex painting. Meanwhile  you may like to make concrete floor looks like tile, it will be  simply done in the middle of polishing.

Comparing polished concrete floor with other floor systems, it cannot be even doubted that in one side polished concrete floor has the highest endurance, and in another side it doesn’t lose its artful sides.

A polished concrete floor will be definitely a winner for such establishments as motels, halls, libraries, theaters or luxurious residents as the glossy view will equip the buildings with exility and elegance. It’s important to notice, that lustrous flooring that mirrors a polished areas catches the lights and reflects in perfect engaging way.

Possible for Instantly-Use

As you may know now, during installment and polishing, no dangerous synthetic components and other precarious elements are used, so it means that as soon as the work is done, the polished concrete floors can be used straight away. Especially it will be a great surprise for hospitals, museums, universities, banks etc. where a huge amount of people needed to be accepted.

A polished concrete floors are free from any toxic evaporation. There were some situations when specialists were polishing the concrete floor in sanatoriums, different health services, and staff was working right in the next room. This kind of work didn’t interrupt their routine work tasks.

Eradication of dusting from efflorescence

In case you have usual concrete ground, you may know that some fragments of dirt can easily pushed to the surface through great strength. Usually such phenomena is called concrete dusting. So polishing procedure will help to delete all such dust in very delicate way.

Another advantage for concrete polishing will be approved by big storehouses, stockrooms supermarkets and carports. Sometimes cars and other techniques may leave tire marks and different kind of damages on the concrete floor. In case, all that situations are not so new for you, polished concrete floor is the excellent idea of how to avoid all that kind of damages.

Industrial Polished Concrete Benefits

  1. Easy on the wallet: Unlike most flooring solutions, polished concrete requires little to no extra materials to accomplish. The concrete slab is both the surface and the product, resulting in reduced costs when compared to the installation of traditional flooring types.

  2. Longevity: Polished concrete is not as vulnerable to the wear and tear that most other flooring materials succumb to over the years. Whereas traditional flooring types consist of placing a new layer of material, usually weaker than the tough and durable concrete below it, which can be subject to cracking, discoloring, or tearing, polished concrete retains the same strength and resilience as the original concrete.

  3. Cleanliness: One of the most rewarding benefits of having polished concrete is its aversion to collecting allergens, dirts, dust and other pollutants which are prevalent amongst a number of traditional flooring types.

  4. Maintenance: Another area which polished concrete excels in, is its ease of maintenance. Because polished concrete consists of a smooth and level floor across its entirety, pollutants do not get trapped between edges, cracks and crevices and are unable to penetrate into the substrate leaving you to simply wipe the floors down ever so often. Additional products can be used to ensure your polished concrete keeps its smoothness and shine and a well maintained polished concrete floor can last for years on end and still maintain its excellent aesthetics.

Another important note about polished concrete is that it does not require any hazardous chemical agents, contaminants, glues, or other materials which are in some cases undesired by homeowners.














Commercial/Industrial Polished Concrete Benefits

All of the points listed above also apply to polished concrete for commercial and industrial facilities including factories, offices, hotel lobbies, automotive shops, warehouses, etc. 

  1. Cost: Because the pre-existing concrete is used as the substrate and the finished product, this not only drives down the cost for businesses to have their flooring job performed but also reduces the cost of maintenance because of its easy to clean nature.

  2. Long Service Life: Polished concrete maintains a long service life mainly due to its ability to resist heavy traffic such as forklifts and is not damaged by oil and chemical spills. Polished concrete is also exceptional at resisting the transmission of moisture, as opposed to other materials which seal off the concrete entirely, polishing allows the concrete to breathe eliminating the worry of issues arising from moisture.

  3. Reflectivity: Many businesses, including office buildings and large public facilities, desire the reflectivity of a polished concrete surface specifically because it naturally brightens the area by reflecting the artificial light inside the building reducing not only the need for additional electricity but also promoting a bright and lively environment.

  4. Professional Image: The aesthetic of polished concrete promotes a clean and professional image in any environment and does this without sacrificing its durability and longevity giving businesses not only a fresh and modern appeal but also a foundation that is consistent and reliable for both employees and customers.

Another important point to keep in mind is that polished concrete like many other flooring solutions can also be designed and colored to achieve a specific look as well as used to reveal the natural beauty of the concrete itself.

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