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Protective Coatings & Epoxy Systems:                          A Revolution in Flooring



What is epoxy?

Epoxies are polymer materials that  begin life as liquid resins and are converted to a solid polymer by a catalyst chemical

reaction. An epoxy-based polymers are mechanically strong, chemically resistant to degradation.   In the solid form

and are highly adhesive during conversion from liquid to solid.

Other services we offer:

• Abrasive blasting (sandblasting)

• Ultra-high pressure washing

• Structural steel painting

• Concrete protective coatings

• Corrosion and maintenance surveys by a certified NACE inspector 

Using the latest in Innovative Flooring Technology

We use high quality products.  A seamless flooring solution that owners have long-trusted for a variety of decorative and industrial projects.  The products we use offer high durability that can withstand chemical spills and heavy traffic. The end result is a three-dimensional, glass-like, surface which will give you more protection.

usable floor space.

We believe that providing the best quality in protective floor coatings will allow you create the best workplace environment for your employees. Floor coatings are only as good as the materials used, and the quality of the installation method. The decorative quartz flooring we use is ideal to create non-slip floors that are attractive and low maintenance.

Our technical professionals will consult with you and what you need from your floor coatings. There is no singular approach to floor coatings. The traffic in certain areas of your workplace will dictate certain needs in the application of our  epoxy flooring. We will get a feel for the high traffic areas that need to be extremely durable, and lower traffic areas that require less attention. We will make recommendations and create a plan that works within your budget. At the conclusion of the consultative process, based on your input, we will render our suggestion on the overall look, feel, and investment that is to be delivered.

First, our experienced installers will start by removing blemishes to the existing concrete flooring by grinding the entire floor. All of the “prep” we do is dry prep. We do not use any acids or liquids to prep your concrete. Moisture is the #1 reason these floors fail, so we only do dry prep work to ensure that you floor will not fail from unnecessary moisture. We will then patch/trowel all cracks, holes and joints, to create a seamless floor. We then start the first coat of your flooring system. Depending on the floor you choose, this process can take 2-5 days (depending on the number of coats your system requires).

The end result is the highest quality in industrial floor coatings, and a product we stand behind 


Surface Preparation


Once the layer of coatings are installed your business will now be protected and ensured to last as specified.


Your business matters and we can guarantee our coatings will protect it.                                   


Standing on Excellence!

ASK YOURSELF:                                                   "WHY DO I NEED AN EPOXY FLOOR?"


Epoxy Floors are an investment.  They are built to last with excellent performance throughout their  specified lifespan.  They are meant to provide everyday wear n' tear and  to the impact of heavy duty equipment.  Not only does an epoxy floor have structural fortitude but it also has diverse functional capabilities to fit the needs of anyone from a homeowner to an industrial business.  Functionally, epoxy floors stand up against the forces of mechanical, chemical, and biological harm allowing all of our floors to last a lifetime.


Believe it or not, epoxy floors are both safe and simple to maintain that any homeowner could rinse it out with a hose.  Due to their chemical nature, epoxy floors are slip-resistant surfaces offering their owners traction and support while in use.  All floors can be customized to fit the needs of the customer including safety, support and maintenance. In addition, their simplicity is what makes an epoxy floor so convenient, maintenance-manageable and popular across such a diverse market.  Epoxy floors require the management of an everyday homeowner rinsing it once a week with the benefits of an floor withstanding the everyday wear and tear of an industrial caliber facility.


Epoxy floors are the win-win opportunity both used artistically and functionally.  The customizability of epoxy floors is one of the greatest reasons why they can be found in such a diverse marketplace.  These floors adapt to the needs of all their customers. If your floor needs to be simple to clean or beautiful looking or withstanding to the elements we've got you covered.  If you are farmer and need your floor to have strong traction and support yet still easy to hose your equipment off in, we've got you covered. Even if you are a homeowner and you want to celebrate your university pride and get your team logo...We've got you covered!


  • Industrial Epoxy 

  • Urethane Flooring

  • Polished Concrete

  • Quartz Flooring

  • Flake Flooring

  • Metallix Flooring

  • PolyAspartic Coatings

  • Urethane Concrete Mortar Systems

  • Mastic & Glue removal

  • Anti-Microbial Flooring

  • MMA Coatings

  • Epoxy & Urethane Cement & Coving

  • Shotblasting & Sandblasting

  • Concrete Diamond Grinding

  • Floor Removal & Scarification

  • Safety & Hazard Coatings

  • Safety Line Strping

  • Crack Bridging & Joint Sealing

  • Line Striping

  • Joint Cleaning & Sealing

  • Burnishing & Sealer Application

  • Polyurethane & Urethane Coatings

  • Polyaspartic and Vinyl Ester Applications

  • NACE-Certified Coating Inspection

  • Floor Resurfacing

Have a question that was not answered above? Click below to be directed to our Contact page and your question will be answered promptly.


Below Is a exemplar of floors we have produced and compiled for your use. This includes a picture and description of the product. This allows you to brainstorm a design for your future floor. 

1. Scarified Floor w/ No Epoxy
2. Custom Logo Outline in Tape
3. Light Grey Epoxy w/ Custom Flake Pattern
4. Medium Grey Epoxy w/ Custom Flake Pattern
5. Samples of Epoxy w/ Custom Flake Pattern
6. (Cont.)
7. Exposed Granite Polished Concrete w/ Custom Acid Wash
8. Exposed Granite Polished Concrete w/ Custom Acid Wash
9. Dark Concrete Mortar
10. Metallix Floor Samples
11. Bright Red Quartz Flooring
12. Metallix Floor
13. MSU Green Metallix Floor w/ Custom Logo
14. Metallix Floor


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