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Industrial Epoxy Services

Reliable and Robust Solutions for Any Environment

Strengthen your industrial operations with high-performance epoxy applications.


PCE utilizes advanced polyaspartic epoxy coatings to tackle complex structural steel projects, offering beautiful, heavy-duty, and easy upkeep to meet the rigorous demands of the industrial sector.

Effective Services for Every Area


Industrial Facilities

Painting Facilities:

Enhanced durability; easy maintenance to protect against abrasions.

Agricultural Facilities:

Resistant to heavy machinery and agricultural chemicals.

Manufacturing Plants:

Enforces safety and efficiency across production floors, such as...

  • Automobile & Vehicle:  Chemical and abrasion resistant.

  • Chemical:  Chemical-resistant flooring for safe handling and storage purposes.

  • Food & Beverage: Hygienic for food and beverage processing to meet safety and cleanliness standards.

Government & Municipalities

Past Projects:

  • Federal & State Offices

  • Fire Departments

  • Police Departments

  • Department of Natural Resources

  • U.S. Navy

- U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln 72

  • U.S. Coast Guard


Benefits of PCE Industrial Work 


Engineered for heavy traffic, limiting potential downtime and ensuring longevity.

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 Reduce risk of accidents for workers with seamless and slip-resistant surfaces.


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Non-porous surface simplifies cleaning, saving time and resources.


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Ideal against many of chemicals, in settings where spills and splashes are frequent.


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Long-lasting solution to reduce repairs or replacements, lowering operational expenses.

Summer Highlight:

Industrial Upgrade 

Experience Top-Quality Services from Michigan's Premier Epoxy Contractors Near YOU!


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