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Commercial Epoxy Services

Custom Flooring Options for Your Business

Upgrade your space with our high-performance epoxy solutions.


PCE specializes in tough, aesthetically pleasing, and low-maintenance epoxy transformations to meet the demands of various commercial environments.

Tailored Solutions for All Settings


Office & Retail Spaces:

Provides a professional look while sturdy to withstand high foot traffic in.. - Office & Supply - Shopping & Retail - Medical Offices

Automotive & Transport

Designed to handle heavy loads and resist chemical spills for... - Automotive Servicing - Fuel Stations - Shipping Centers

Animal & Food Services

Maintain safety protocols with our seamless, non-porous epoxy in... - Animal Hospitality & Kennels - Bakeries & Confectionery - Restaurants & Breweries

Fitness & Hospitality

Our slip-resistant epoxy floors offer safety and durability which is perfect for... - Hospitality Service Areas - Fitness Studios

Outdoor & Specialized Areas

Weather-resistant flooring solution provides longevity and versatility for... - Garden & Outdoor Areas - Household & Painting

Benefits of PCE Commercial Work 


Built to withstand heavy traffic and chemical spills, for lasting performance.

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Seamless surfaces make cleaning effortless, saving valuable time and resources.


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Long-lasting solutions minimize repairs, reduce operational expenses, and maximize ROI.


Elevate your space and leave an impression on customers through customizable options.

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Reduce risks of slips, trips and falls for employees and customers alike.

Maximize Performance:

Solutions for Success

From One Business to Another, Rely on Michigan's Leading Contractors for Protective Coatings!


Commercial Flooring Trends:

Explore the Latest Designs

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